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Our pledge is that all our contractors are fully supported, even if you are outside of IR35 you still need to be operating correctly. If your agency has left you in the dark, we’ve built ‘Irene’ to help you out, or contact us for some clarity. 

What is IR35?

IR35 is HMRC’s framework to try and eliminate “disguised employees”. They want to stop individuals working through their PSC (Personal Service Company) in a similar way to regular PAYE employees.

What does it mean for you as a contractor?

It means that you are still accountable for assessing your employment status. Even though the liability for declaring it will fall on the end client.

Things to think about

It’s in your best interest to set up a meeting with your line manager to find out how the company will be operating post April 2021. A good thing to do before the meeting is to take the CEST tool on HMRC’s website. This will give you an indication on whether you fall inside or outside IR35. No matter the ruling you receive for IR35, you must always make sure you are operating correctly under that ruling.

Here are some tips and questions you can ask:

  • Ask how they intend to continue working with interim contractors. Will they turn all interim staff into payroll staff?
  • If you can operate with PAYE, find out how it impacts your situation and what it means for your future
  • Check the validity of the contract you hold
  • Do you use your own equipment at work?
  • Get clear deliverables and Statement of Work from your agent before you engage
  • Don’t accept a contract extension, ask for a contract renewal with new deliverables
  • If you are invited to the Christmas party politely decline, or go but pay for yourself.

Let us support you

We want to make sure our contractors are aware of the actions they need to take to be on the safe side. Being prepared and understanding all your options will set you apart, and ahead of the changes that will happen in April 2021. If you are still in the dark and feel underprepared, contact us or read our FAQ’s.

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