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Easier IFRS 17 implementation

We deliver finance transformation consultants to make implementation easier now, and to act as catalysts for more fundamental system and process changes needed for the future.

Successful digital API connection

We’ve worked with PPL for the last 5 years to build their technology and management team. We really are uniquely placed to deliver the people who successfully implement the PPL tool.

Deliver cloud-first model

We prepare you for the hyper-connected eco-system of the future by building specialist project teams for insurers on a journey to cloud-first environments.

Move your M&A with speed and certainty

If it’s on your horizon, we have expert knowledge and helped deliver the Marsh, Jelf and Bluefin, JLT, and Partners& merger programmes.

15 years’ insurance experience

Liam Kelly, Venquis Insurance Lead, has 15 years’ staffing experience in insurance. Our team is passionate about its transformation and its people, and has the right tools and technology to assist you.

Quickest access to transformation specialists 

Our global staffing solutions deliver complex Insurance transformation projects. Access the leadership, analysis and technology specialists you need today.

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