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Our global staffing solutions deliver complex Insurance transformation projects.

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PPL - Case Study

PPL turn week-long processes into minutes for 360 firms

Artificial Labs - Case Study

How one company introduced AI to insurance

Marsh transforms

Venquis helped deliver the Marsh, Bluefin and Jelf merger programme including re-branding, operational integration and process systems training.

Miller restructures

Venquis helped Miller refocus and restructure its IT and Business Change function and delivered numerous IT and Product specialists.

Post-Brexit transitions

Venquis helped several global insurers set up operational hubs outside of London by delivering legal, insurance policies, technology systems, business process and people.

Lloyd's of London transforms

Venquis was the leading supplier of contractors for critical digital transformation projects, where we quickly mobilised specialist teams.

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"Venquis have been an integral partner to PPL since our inception. Venquis really understand the type of person that works well in the unique PPL team. Over the last 5 years they have provided a number of great resources with a wide range of skills that have been crucial to the growth of the company."

Colin O’Malley, Head of Operations, PPL

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