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Munich on the Move

To Widenmayerstr. 31 80538 Munchen

Monday 15th July



Chapter 1. I don’t speak German

Tom Fernandez-Buckley (shortened affectionately to TFB) and Mat Geisselsoeder were seconded to Munich early 2015. Mat is German. Tom isn’t. He’s British, and although he speaks several languages, German was not one of them. That didn’t stop them both moving to Munich just 1 week later, to set up Venquis GmbH. This entrepreneurial spirit and ambition would take them all the way to the top…



Chapter 2. Before it was cool

Tom and Mat painstakingly built their team, created just the right culture, and developed the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics market from scratch. Tom is now fluent in German! Since 2011 Venquis has created transformation hiring solutions for clients looking to capitalise on the ever-changing landscape, long before business transformation became cool. As the Munich team grew, so did its capability to deliver more complex and large scale transformation projects for clients such as Boston Consulting Group, Allianz and Telefonica. It proudly stakes a claim for being the go-to team in the region.



Chapter 3. “Tom… you won!”

Tom was on Alcatraz island in San Francisco, soaking up all the history, imagining what life as in animate must have been like, when he got the phone call. ‘Tom…you won!’ Back in London, he had just been named Best Permanent Recruitment Consultant 2019, at the Global Recruiter Magazine Awards. This is a top accolade. Tom has become the best because he is part of a team. An incredibly focused and determined team that delivers exceptional results; for every single person in the team so they are all part of this success story; for every single client by helping bring their bold strategies to life in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms; and for all every change and transformation specialist placed into a new role.



Chapter 4. Onwards and upwards

The team is moving into a stunning office in Widenmayerstr. It’s a soulful, light space, with a genuine sense of community with other businesses in the building. Tech has been over-hauled: in comes new video conference facilities and a state-of-the-art engagement and communication platform. The space has been personalised to inspire the people that will work there, and those that will visit. As more businesses look to capitalise on an ever-changing landscape, Venquis Germany are perfectly positioned to continue to deliver the very best transformation specilaists.



Next chapter? World number 1

Everyone at Venquis is working hard to achieve our ambition of becoming the World’s number 1 business transformation consultancy. We all wish Tom, Mat and the Munich team continued success, from their new office.


New address

Venquis GmbH,

Widenmayerstr. 31 80538 Munchen

From Monday 15th July 2019


If you have any questions please email


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