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Imagine a future where hiring people and finding a job is a quick and enjoyable process, with you in control. 



A whole new way to create a better recruitment experience


Be honest – how much does the recruitment process frustrate you?  

What should be done quicker?  

Done differently?  

Not done at all?!  

If your head is whirring away with ideas, tell us here… 


4 + 4 =

We’re currently working on  

How can we make contacting us and arranging interviews more effective?

Venquis Lab team 

Innovation is everyone’s job…


but in the lab are 2 techies, 2 marketers, 1 designer

Free thinking, testing theories, working agile, bringing ideas to action in 90 days, with a mandate to build the most efficient recruitment experience. 


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Completed lab projects 


Here’s some of our work…

 New brand to celebrate inspirational leaders making a difference.



Implemented Sense tool to improve candidate and contractor experience.  

Work from anywhere

WorkFromAnywhere platform used by all staff for a better life.

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