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We've helped...

Multinational financial services company Allianz digitises for a seamless client experience

Venquis specialists worked hard with Allianz to transform their new Digital Factory in Munich. This lead to Allianz continuing their journey on positioning themselves as the world's more trusted service provider, with the integration of new technology.

The Boston Consulting Group on route to building a world-class advanced analytics practice in Munich

Venquis specialists increase efficiency by supporting the transformation of Boston Consulting Groups Center of Knowledge analytics. Being known for their long term stability, a new Knowledge Expert has moved them one step further to reaching their long term vision.

Symphony EYC the Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence continues to expand its expertise world-wide

Venquis specialists supported Symphony EYC to continue innovating to drive faster and more profitable decisions through artificial intelligence. The change and transformation took place by building data analytics and CRM analytics departments in Cologne, with renovated inputs from new directors.

Braincourt delivers digitalised and transformed innovations

Braincourt successfully improve their Business Intelligence and Innovation consultancy with the support of Venquis to find a Head of Data Science Competence Center. This helped Braincourt to continue to provide excellent specialisms to their clients.

successfully supported the delivery of a global transformation programme to upgrade legacy digital asset and content management systems, and global point of sale systems.